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Navid Zardi

NZ Fan Box

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Navid Zardi

NZ Fan Box

A Fan Boxto order online and keep as a memoire of the path we paved together
It contains:
  • 1 NZ cap
  • 1 NZ T-Shirt
  • 1 NZ bracelet
  • 1 NZ necklace
  • 1 NZ keychain
  • NZ perfume
  • 1 NZ pen
  • Kurdi album
  • My autobiography book

Exquisite items to make you a different fan. Limited number of Fan Boxes will be available and they will not be produced again. Shop a Fan Box and receive them after July 2022 wherever you are.

Note: some tracks of the album won’t be released and only those who shop the fan box can hear them.